Discover How Personal Air Conditioners Keep Workers Cool For Less Money

Post Date: August 23, 2018 Posted by: Eleanor Sadler
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Give your employees more than just Gatorade and ice pops to keep them cool and comfortable on the line, invest in personal air conditioning vests (PACs).

Unlike ice packs and other conventional ways of alleviating heat, PACs will never melt or lose their cooling capacity and can deliver continuous and consistent cooling as long as they are connected to a compressed air source.

Using PACs to Boost Employees Productivity

Wearable air conditioners are pieces of specialty clothing designed to lower or stabilize body temperature and make exposure to extreme environments more bearable.

They are made to minimize stress and fatigue caused by high and low temperatures while simultaneously improving comfort and productivity.

Cooling vests are commonly worn by construction workers, welders, employees in the marine service industry and in various other professions where they are regularly exposed to extreme temperatures that can cause heat or cold-related illnesses or discomfort.


  • Eliminates incidences caused by extreme temperatures
  • Maximizes worker productivity
  • Eliminates the need to air condition an entire warehouse or large shop areas, saving money on energy costs
  • Reduces the amount of non-productive cooling and warming breaks
  • Provides continuous and consistent temperature control
  • Improves worker safety and comfort

The Technology

The personal cooling systems come with two components. A cooling tube that uses vortex technology to generate cold air. The cooling tube is a cylindrical generator that uses compressed air to create a spinning effect, called a vortex, which separates the air into a hot and cold stream.

The cold air is then pumped into a highly durable plasticized PVC vest. The special PVC material allows for a full range of motion with no airflow restrictions and will not absorb sweat or other contaminants.

The personal cooling systems are lightweight enough that they can be worn under other protective clothing.

The Personal Air Conditioning Vest Your Employees Want

ISC Sales offers two options of personal air conditioner vests, dual action or cooling. The dual action PACs can easily be switched from cooling to heating to help control employee’s body temperatures in any harsh work environment year round.

The cooling only models are available in three different cooling capacities ranging from 900 to 2500 BTU/hr and each model is easily adjustable with a valve that can be controlled even with gloved hands.

Still unsure of what personal air conditioning vest will fit your needs?

Needs vary so much from application to application it is hard to determine what will work best.

But you’re in luck! The staff at ISC Sales is very knowledgeable, able to answer any of your questions and will ensure that you get the most efficient product for your business. Contact us today and have the personal air conditioning equipment that’s perfect for you tomorrow.

How to keep your employees cool and comfortable without blowing your budget.
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How to keep your employees cool and comfortable without blowing your budget.
Discover How Personal Air Conditioners Keep Workers Cool For Less Money! Keep your workers Comfortable with Huge Savings During Hot Summer Days!
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ISC Sales
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