Cold AirGuns

Cold Air Guns

Cold air guns use Vortex tube technology and filtered compressed air to produce sub-freezing air as low as -30°F, for numerous industrial spot cooling applications. With no moving parts to wear out, cold air guns require no electricity at the target, just a compressed air source.

Cold air machining outperforms mist coolants and substantially increases tool life and feed rates on dry machining operations. Cold air guns have adjustable temperature and flow settings, click the “Request FREE Quote” button to have a compressed air specialist tell you more about all of the cold air gun options offered by ISC Sales.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn how you can Get 50% Longer Life for Your Industrial Equipment Using Spot Cooling.

Check out Cold Air Pistols for more portable and occasional spot cooling.

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  • Increase dry machining speeds up to 36%
  • Extend tool life by 50%
  • Eliminates the mess, expense and safety concerns of mist coolants
  • Reduce waiting or normalization time by cooling parts faster
  • Eliminate the potential for burning and scorching
  • Avoid secondary parts cleaning after machining
  • Reduce grinding wheel loading caused by overheating
  • Airflow clears sawdust, chips, shavings and dirt away from surface


  • Quiet operation; meets OSHA noise specifications
  • Adjustable temperature and flow rate
  • Highly reliable with no moving parts
  • Low pressure outlet air
  • Uses only compressed air – no Freon
  • Magnetic base allows for easy, close in positioning and portability
  • Ergonomic trigger mechanism on the Cold Air Pistol
  • Frost free nozzle eliminates mess from frost and condensation
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