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Ultrasonic Air Leak Detector

Ultrasonic Leak Detector
Air leaks are a concern for anyone operating a compressed air system. The average plant with no formal leak management program will have air leaks that can waste up to 30 percent of the total air capacity. These leaks are caused by poor pipework connections, a damaged or missing o-ring, leaking condensate drains, improperly connected hoses or a host of many other factors.

The Air Leak Detector is an ultrasonic technology to detector air leaks and is a necessary part of a leak prevention program. When a gas passes through a restricted opening under pressure, it is going from a pressurized flow to a low-pressure turbulent flow. The turbulence generates a broad spectrum of sound. Since the ultrasound emitted will be the loudest by the leak site, the detection of these signals is usually quite simple.

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  • SMT/solid state hybrid heterodyne receiver
  • Supplied in case, complete with headset and rubber focusing probes
  • Fully automatic – no maintenance
  • LCD displaying the program cycle and the current time


ConstructionHand held ABS pistol type ultrasonic processor Stainless steel sensor enclosures
Frequency Response20-100 kHz (centered at 28-42 kHz)
Indicator10 segment LED bar graph (red)
Sensitivity Selection8 precision positions
Power 9 volt alkaline battery
HeadsetNoise isolating type: double headset wired monophonic
Impedance: 16 ohms. Over 23 dB noise attenuation.
Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications and OSHA standards.
Scanning moduleStainless steel unisonic (single transducer) piezo electric crystal type
Stethoscope moduleStainless steel plug-in type with stainless steel wave guide
Rubber focusing probeCircular shaped, shields stray ultrasound signals, focuses signals

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