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High Flow Pneumatic Fitting

The Series 320 High Flow Pneumatic Fitting provides enough flow to power most air tools and can be a more affordable option than other comparable couplings. Fittings can minimize compressed air cost, provide maximum tool efficiency, improve operator productivity, and minimize the risk of tool “stalling.” Fittings can also minimize the risk of damage caused by corrosion, and they can be utilized in water applications. No hose fittings, clamps or special tools required. The one-handed operation ensures easy handling.

The patented high-flow valve minimizes costly pressure drop and supplies enough flow to efficiently power most air tools. Click the "Request FREE Quote" button or contact a specialist at ISC Sales today for more information on the pneumatic fitting perfect for your application.

Download - Series 320 High Flow Pneumatic Coupling Spec Sheet

Features:Series 320 High Flow Pneumatic Fitting

  • Patented high-flow valve provides a virtually unobstructed flow path.
  • Minimal pressure drop.
  • Light-weight, compact design.
  • Brass Valve as standard.
  • Nickel-plated brass body construction.
  • Available in stream-line connection.
  • Safety version disconnects in two stages in order to minimize the risk of separation

Technical Data

Nominal flow diameter5/16"
Air flow74.1 CFM
Max. working pressure232 PSI
Min. burst pressure2030 PSI
Connection force70.7 N
Temperature range-4°F — +212°F
Material couplingZinc-plated steel/brass
Material nippleHardened zinc-plated steel
StandardsCEJN Original Standard, Eurostandard 7.6 (7.4)

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