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Wet Booth Dust Collector
Wet Booth Dust Collector

The wet booth dust collector, integrating the booth enclosure and wet dust collection, is a safe and economic method of cleaning potentially volatile materials. The HPBs are generally used for working on large objects that won't fit on a table, or for multiple table top operations where several operators will be in the booth at the same time. These wet dust collection booths meet OSHA and NFPA guidelines for dust collectors located inside the building, allowing recirculation of in-plant, tempered air to conserve energy. The units remove heavy sparks from grinding, gouging, filter respirable dust along with contaminates from sanding, deburring, buffing, packaging, and processing.

The HPB series features a minimum of 300 FPM in the work zone, sound attenuating interior surfaces, and fluorescent lighting with dust tight lens. The booths may be equipped with the Regain Air, "Push/Pull" technology pioneered to increase capture velocity, up to 800 FPM in the "breathing zone."


  • Regain Air, "Push/Pull" air system with adjustable louvers to increase capture velocity from 400 to 800 FPM
  • Slotted roofs for crane loading
  • Construction of 18 ga. Galvanized metal
  • Variable dimensions of enclosure
  • Sound control material on interior surfaces may be deducted
  • Paint to match your decor
  • HEPA safety afterfilters with visual or audible indicators
  • Explosion-proof motors available

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