GL Series Environmentally friendly and energy savingGL Series Dust Collection System

The GL series uses less power than usual Fume Extractors and Dust Collectors, it is perfect for applications involving:

  • Laser Technology
  • Soldering
  • Welding / Grinding / Cutting
  • Plastics processing
  • Technical glass
  • Electronics
  • Processes for working with vapours / gases

The GL series stands as "Green Line" for particularly environmentally friendly. We specifically designed it considering the protection of the environment by programming it to use less power than usual extraction systems. The energy-saving and noiseless blowers used are barely noticeable in noise-sensitive environments such as laboratories and offices. It is possible to save up to 65% energy.


Features and Functions

  • Modular and Flexible
  • Energy Saving by 65%
  • Tool-less filter change
  • Double adsorption power
  • Approved and certified
  • Powerful Engine
  • Control elements
  • Permanently full control of the system
  • Captures any harmful Particles
  • Quiet Operation
  • Made in Germany



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