FPV 202 Extend runtime due to filter cleaning controlFPV 202 Filter Cartridge Dust Collection System

The FPV 202 is a filter cartridge unit pre-separator, perfect for applications involving:

  • Laser Technology
  • Chipping
  • Welding / Grinding / Cutting
  • Mechanical Processing
  • Metal Processing

The filter cartridge pre-separator has been developed to increase significantly the runtime of a connected filter and extraction system of the LN / GL / TFS series. The system is equipped with a self-cleaning filter cartridge technology. Compressed air surges remove the dusts on the filter. A separate collection container captures the pollutants and thus relieves the built-in filter. The systems are ideally suited especially for large quantities of dry dust, and ensure effective separation. The system can be flexibly integrated into the overall system, by using the control electronics. Depending on the application, a special precoating powder can be used to enhance the filter lifetime in processes in which sticky particles need to be extracted.

ModelEngineWeight (lbs)Height (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Cleanable BGIA C filter cartridge anti-static (dust class M)

Features and Functions

  • Control Elements
  • Permanently full control over the system
  • Tool-less filter change
  • Effectively freeing the filter automatically from pollutants when it's saturated by blasts of compressed air.
  • Easy Dust Removal
  • Made in Germany

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