FPV 100 Enhances runtime of the systemsFPV 100 Filter Cartridge Dust Collection System

FPV 100 is a filter cartridge system, perfect for applications involving:

  • Laser Technology
  • Welding / Grinding / Cutting
  • Mechanical Processing
  • Metal Processing

Equipped with a cleanable filter cartridge, this system has a rotary lever, which frees the filters from dusting by manual movement. The system is connected upstream of the LN or GL series, as this allows even longer runtimes to be achieved. Large amounts of dry dust are no problem for them. By applying a separating layer (precoating), the filter can even be used for sticky and damp dusts and separates them reliably.

ModelEngineWeight (lbs)Height (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Cleanable BGIA C filter cartridge standard (dust class M)

Features and Functions

  • Easy to remove collection container
  • Dust bag for low-contamination dust removal
  • Made in Germany

*This unit requires daily manual maintenance


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