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Ducted Wet Type Dust CollectorDucted Wet Type Dust Collector

This Ducted Wet Type Dust Collector is specifically designed for capture of fine metal particles. The HWF series is a safe and economic method of cleaning these potentially volatile materials. With air volumes between 500 CFM and 5,000 CFM, the units can be connected via ductwork to the dust generating machines for source capture. This water filter collector meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust collectors located inside the building.


  • Overflow Water Cut-off Switch
  • Explosion Proof Motors Available
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • HEPA Safety Filters With Alarms
  • Sludge Conveyors
  • Custom Paint Color
  • Low Water Cut-off Switch

Available Models

ModelCFMHPHxWxLWater Gal.
HWF1-10-31000 @ 4" HSP395"x34"x40"50
HWF2-20-32000 @ 4" HSP395"x34"x40"63
HWF3-30-53000 @ 4" HSP595"x36"x46"93
HWF4-40-7.54000 @ 4" HSP7.595"x40"x48"100
HWF5-50-105000 @ 4" HSP1095"x46"x58"100

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