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Decontamination BoothDecontamination Booth

Blow off Booth

When moving from a dusty area to a clean zone, every worker can completely decontaminate in a blow off booth. This booth dislodges and removes hazardous material that could potentially contaminate others in the clean environment. The high-velocity blow-off system even gets the most stubborn of hidden dust. The dust is then captured and filtered within the auto-clean self-contained booth. The booth can also be used to blow the dust off equipment or pallets of material. Using it can effectively remove potentially hazardous materials, including dust generated from hexavalent chromium, lead, beryllium, strontium chromate, and carcinogenic paint.

The decontamination booth is not only effective in dislodging all the dust, it is easier on the worker than alternative vacuum approaches. The air shower is more comfortable than a suction process, and the hands-off blow-down does not require another worker to assist. Furthermore, the blow-off booth provides a quick transition to the clean zone. Within seconds, the worker's entire body is completely clean from any harmful dust.

Packed with Practicality

  • Two-door Walk-through Station: The worker accesses the booth directly from the work area, removes the dust, and leaves the booth on the opposite side into the clean area.
  • Powerful Air Shower: High-velocity air blows off the worker's clothing, simultaneously pulling the dust into the integral filter system.
  • Galvanized Steel Floor Grate: Dust falls through the grating, preventing the tracking of the dust through the booth.
  • Low Maintenance: Direct-drive blower requires no ongoing servicing, and filters are either self-cleaning cartridges or standard panel filters for easy replacement.

Choice of Filters

  • Demanding Applications with Heavy Dust Loads: Choose auto-cleaning, industrial cartridge filters. The filter-cleaning system uses compressed air to back-flush the filters, depositing the dust into pull-out drawers below.
  • All Kinds of Cleaning Needs: Choose multi-stage/multi-efficiency filters as required for the application. Primary filters include industry standard 24" x 24" x 4" pleated media filters. Secondary filters may range from activated carbon to HEPA quality, reaching up to 99.97% efficiency at .3 microns or larger.

Available from 1500 to 2400 CFM. Call or request a quote online for immediate assistance. 


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