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Sepremium Oil / Water Condensate SeparatorsOil Water Separators

As the condensate generated by compressed air systems flows into the Sepremium, the oil is filtered out through various filtration elements. The multi-stage filtration combines various types of adsorption technologies to achieve less than 10 ppm oil residue values at the output stage.

The first oil adsorbing element has a clever saturation indicating feature that offers you a visual operating status of the separator at a distance, while the final separation stage includes a specially selected activated carbon to polish out the remaining contaminants.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, ISC’s oil/water condensate separators remove and collect lubricant-contaminated air compressor condensate and assure clean discharge water in compliance with environmental laws. Get a free quote or contact a specialist at ISC Sales today for more information.

Download - Sepremium Oil/Water Condensate Separator Brochure


  • Visual element life indication
  • Lighter and easier replacement of elements
  • Sectional draining options during servicing
  • Multiple condensate inlets
  • Large 1″ output capacity
  • Service drains for easy maintenance
  • Simple installation and maintenance procedures
  • Sample bottle and test drain for sample taking


  • Operates with all JORC type drains (both timer controlled and zero air loss).
  • Customer specific finishing options available.
  • Small footprint.


Target output value<10 ppm<10 ppm<10 ppm
Maximum Oil adsorption2.2 Gallons 4.4 Gallons7 Gallons
Inlet connections1/2″ (2)1/2″ (2)1/2″ (2)
Outlet connection1″1″1″
Housing materialPEPEPE
Max Compressor Capacity350 CFM750 CFM1,250 CFM

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