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Puro-CT Compressed Air Condensate Separator

Using a specially treated, adsorbent, polypropylene media and an activated carbon polishing element, the PURO-CT Condensate Separators efficiently and effectively separate all compressor lubricants. It does not require condensate storage tanks, settling chambers or costly disposal. Combining high adsorption capacity and reliable performance in a compact, cost-effective package, the PURO-CT sets the standard for modern condensate management.

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Its rugged design includes a specially treated polypropylene element with a foam mesh filter to depressurize the incoming compressed air and discharges it to the atmosphere. Optimum outlet water quality is ensured with a two-stage treatment process consisting of a polypropylene adsorber and a carbon polisher. With this unit, you can count on reliable and cost-effective condensate separation regardless of the type of lubricant or drains you use.

  • No settling chamber or storage tank required. Eliminates health & safety concerns. Performance is not affected by movement.
  • Overflow warning indicator avoids spills in the event of a blockage.
  • Can be used to separate any type of lubricant with any type of drain including modern synthetic lubricants or even emulsified mixtures.
  • Brass threaded inserts & adapters for reliable inlet and outlet piping or tubing connections, and a secure lid.
  • Two stages of treatment a polypropylene element and a carbon polisher for optimum performance.
  • Foam mesh depressurization filter slows incoming condensate and cleanly discharges compressed air.

Available Models

ModelMax Compressor Capacity (SCFM)Max Oil Adsorption (gal)InletOutlet SizeInletOutlet MaterialTypeHousing MaterialWidth x Depth x HeightWeight
1251250.81/2 inBrassThreaded
(NPT) or Hose
Poly-ethylene18.3″ x 9.8″ x 15.6″15.4 lbs
2502501.822.8″ x 11.8″ x 17.2″24.3 lbs
6006004.028.7″ x 14.8″ x 18.8″41.9 lbs

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