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Oil / Water Condensate Separator MediaOil-Water-Separator-Elements

Air Compressors produce an oil and water mixture that can cause massive inefficiency in any compressed air system. A 100 hp compressor operating 24/7 will carry over 15 gallons of lubricant annually. To combat this problem several companies manufacture Oil/Water Condensate Separators which require filter elements to absorb any oil that enters the separator. Once these elements are depleted a replacement is needed to keep the oil/water condensate separator functioning properly.

ISC offers a wide range of products from the most popular brands including Ultra Filter, Zander, Kaeser, Motivair, Finite, Wortman, Hankison, Domnick Hunter and Beko. Please review the table below to find your favorite brand of oil/water replacement condensate separator.

If you do not see the brand you’re searching for or would like more information, contact a specialist at ISC Sales and they will be happy to help find a solution perfect for you and your specific application. 

ISC ModelO.E.M.ModelElement Kit
9201Beko/KaeserOwamat 1XV KT02 AF1
9203Beko/KaeserOwamat 4XV KT04 AF1
9205Beko/KaeserOwamat 5RXV KT5R AF1
9206Beko/KaeserOwamat 6XV KT06 AF2
9207Beko/KaeserOwamat 8XV KT08 AF2
9230Ultra FilterSuper Plus 5A-SP5
9231Ultra FilterSuper Plus 10A-SP10
9233Ultra FilterSuper Plus 15A-SP15
9234Ultra FilterSuper Plus 30A-SP30
9235Ultra FilterSuper Plus 60A-SP60
9236Ultra FilterSuper Plus 120A-SP120
9237Ultra FilterSuper Plus 240A-SP240
9260WortmanDrukomat 1OSK-1
9260Wortman-Drukomat/HankisonDrukomat 1HSMK-1
9261WortmanDrukomat 2-15OSK-2
9261WortmanDrukomat 2-15OSK-2
9261WortmanDrukomat 2-15OSK-2
9261Wortman-Drukomat/HankisonDrukomat 2-15HSMK-2
9262WortmanDrukomat 2-15OSK-5
9262Wortman-Drukomat/HankisonDrukomat 2-15HSMK-5
9263WortmanDrukomat 30OSK-6
9263WortmanDrukomat 30HSMK-6
9264WortmanDrukomat 60OSK-7
9264WortmanDrukomat 60HSMK-7
9201Beko/KaeserOwamat 2XV KT02 AF1
9261Wortman-Drukomat/HankisonDrukomat 2-15N/A
9261Wortman-Drukomat/HankisonDrukomat 2-15N/A
UFSK10Ultra FilterUFS 10UFS 10
UFSK15Ultra FilterUFS 15UFS 15
UFSK30Ultra FilterUFS 30UFS 30
UFSK5Ultra FilterUFS 5UFS 5
UFSK60Ultra FilterUFS 60UFS 60

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