Condensate Separator CRP Paks

CRP Paks are engineered with the highest quality in mind. These molecular filtration units for air compressor condensate are compatible with all types of compressed air system drains. CRP Paks are filled with a media bed formulated to attract and remove all types of lubricants, while also repelling water molecules. Their superior media bed is so efficient it doesn’t require the assistance of pre-filtration, pumps or sensors and is guaranteed to reduce contaminants in the condensate down to less than 10 ppm.

Just one gallon of compressor lubricant can contaminate up to four acres of groundwater, and it’s illegal to dump oil-laden compressor condensate into the ground or sewer system. Call today to find the perfect condensate separator pak or to speak directly with one of the knowledgeable staff members at ISC Sales for more information on how you can find a system perfect for your application that complies with local environmental standards.

Download - Condensate Separator CRP Paks Brochure
Download - CRP Paks Sizing Sheet


  • Cost-effective condensate treatment:
  • High-quality aluminosilicate substrate media
  • Operation with all types of drains
  • Make disposal easy
  • Guaranteed performance


Item #Max PSIGMax TempGallon CapacityInlet/Outlet (in)
CRP 051252-32″ / .75″
CRP 1551257-82″ / .75″
CRP 30512514-162″ / 2″
CRP 55512527-282″ / 2″

For more information on the new version of the CRP Paks please see our CRP-IDC Pak page.


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