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Nitrogen is a vital element in many manufacturing processes, from laser cutting to food processing. However, companies waste millions of dollars on expensive nitrogen deliveries and rental fees. These expenses can be eliminated by using compressed air as your source of nitrogen. This can be accomplished with a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator, that takes a stream of compressed air, and transforms it into highly concentrated nitrogen for any application.

PSA Nitrogen Generators can produce purity ratings of 95.0% to 99.99%, and up to 10,000 SCFH (standard cubic feet per hour). These systems can produce nitrogen for the largest and most stringent of applications, as well as produce an output of up to 400 PSI for high-pressure applications such as metal production and fabrication.

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7 Ways to Immediately Increase Profits Through Nitrogen Generation


  • Quick Return on Investment
  • High quality nitrogen produced on demand, which removes the need for deliveries and associated costs
  • Removes the need to handle dangerous bottles of nitrogen, leading to a safer working environment and lower insurance costs
  • Eliminates the loss of stored nitrogen caused by natural evaporation rate

Return on Investment (ROI)

The price of purchasing nitrogen, in gaseous or liquid form, can vary depending on volume consumption, type of product, location, or vendor. This cost is strictly for the gas or liquid delivered and does not factor additional supply costs such as:

  • Delivery Costs
  • Monthly Cylinder / Tank Rental Fees
  • Bulk Evaporative Loss
  • Handling and Purchasing Labor Costs
  • Additional Site Liability Insurance

A PSA Nitrogen Generator will produce gaseous nitrogen at only the cost of electricity to run the unit. The price range is a result of local power costs, compressor efficiency, and required nitrogen purity. The elimination of the above fees combined with the lower cost of producing nitrogen rapidly pays for the purchase of a nitrogen generator system. The Return On Investment for one of our nitrogen generators is usually less than 6 months. We will even provide you with a ROI calculation to show just how fast a nitrogen generator can pay for itself in your specific application.

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How Does a PSA Nitrogen Generator Work?

How Nitrogen Generators Work

The earth’s atmosphere is comprised of approximately 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Once atmospheric air is compressed, its pressure is increased while proportions of nitrogen and oxygen remain unchanged. The compressed air is filtered and dried then introduced to the PSA nitrogen generator. As the air flows through a bed of CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) oxygen molecules are selectively adsorbed into the CMS allowing the larger Nitrogen molecules to pass. With the oxygen molecules trapped in the CMS bed, a high purity stream of nitrogen is discharged from the PSA nitrogen generator.

When one bed has reached its adsorption capacity the towers invert and a regenerated bed continues adsorbing oxygen while the other tower begins a regeneration process. This cyclic action continues allowing the generator to produce a steady stream of high purity nitrogen gas.

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