Wet Type Downdraft TableWet Type Downdraft Table

This Wet Type Downdraft Table is a self-contained workstation with its own water dust collection system, excellent for "cell manufacturing." It features easy installation and comes ready to run. The workstation is available with a single work surface or with two work surfaces, one on each side.

It gets the dust immediately wetted, reducing the risk of fire in ductwork and meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust collectors located inside the building. The standard unit includes a fiberglass grated work surface, a Regain Air Curtain in front to prevent dust from escaping the work zone, and a clear inspection door.


  • Regain Air System
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Overflow/Low Water Cut-off Switches
  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • HEPA Safety Filters With Alarms

Single Station

DHYD1-30-5-4300051x 30"x48"
DHYD1-30-5-3300051x 30"x36"
DHYD1-30-5-4-3300051x 36"x48"
DHYD1-30-5-5300051x 30"x60"
DHYD1-30-5-6300051x 30"x72"
DHYD1-50-10-45000101x 30"x48"
DHYD1-50-10-4-35000101x 36"x48"
DHYD1-50-10-5-35000101x 36"x60"
DHYD1-50-10-6-35000101x 36"x72"

Double Station

DHYD2-30-5-4300052x 30"x48"
DHYD2-50-10-5-35000102x 36"x60"
DHYD2-50-10-55000102x 30"x60"
DHYD2-50-10-45000102x 30"x48"
DHYD2-50-10-4-35000102x 36"x48"
DHYD2-50-10-5-35000102x 36"x60"
DHYD2-50-10-65000102x 30"x72"

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