Robo VAC Automatic Condensate Drain

External Pneumatic Operated Condensate Drain for Vacuum Systems

The Robo VAC Automatic Condensate Drain is a fully automatic, zero loss drain for vacuum systems that doesn't require electricity to run. It has a translucent reservoir for visual assurance of operation. The condensate drain is equipped with a revolutionary valve mechanism that is specially designed to use a magnetic force to ensure a positive opening and closing.

The valve is the key to the system's zero compressed air loss drain, it effectively prevents any loss of vacuum. An innovative ball valve support and positioning system prevents the side-loading problem which can cause premature sealing failure around the valve stem. 

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  • Complete drain system
  • Isolated trigger assembly
  • Low profile
  • Nonclogging
  • Translucent reservoir
  • Full port drain valve
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Automatic design


  • Ideal for most vacuum systems
  • Reliable design – unaffected by contaminants
  • Fits in tight spots
  • Saves valuable air. Saves money
  • Easy-to-see condensate level. “Quick check”
  • Handles scale and rust without clogging
  • No electricity required
  • Operates on demand

How It Works

Condensate enters the drain through one of two inlet connections. As condensate is collected and the translucent reservoir fills, a stainless steel float mechanism rises. When the condensate reaches a design level, the float mechanism actuates an isolated magnetic trigger assembly. The trigger assembly directs control air to the valve actuator, which in turn opens a full-port drain valve. Condensate will then exit the unit. As the float drops, the trigger assembly closes the control air line and the valve actuator closes the ball valve. The drain is then returned to the collection mode.



Inlets3/4″ NPT
Outlet1/2″ NPT
PowerClean, Dry Compressed Air 80 to 120 PSI
Housing PressureVacuum to 250 PSI
Operating Temperature32° to 180° F
Weight21 lbs.
Discharge24 Ounces per cycle


ReservoirAluminum and Composite
ValveBronze w/SS. Ball and Stem
FloatStainless Steel
SeatStainless Steel

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