Smart Guard Automatic Condensate Drain

The Smart Guard is a compact electronically operated, level sensed condensate drain which offers zero air-loss during the condensate discharge cycle. The Smart Guard is cost effective and offers a rapid payback period due to a competitive pricing level, low stocking cost, zero air-loss and energy saving aspects. The Smart Guard can be installed in all compressed air system components up to 3000 scfm, regardless of their size or climate zone, with only one model needed!

The new and improved design featuring robust industrial housing, alarm feature and the 2/2 way direct acting valve assembly make the Smart Guard condensate drain a reliable solution for all compressed air system applications. The Smart Guard offers an integrated mesh strainer that prevents large particles from entering the valve opening, it is easy to disassemble and service friendly.

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Commercial Benefits:Smart Guard Automatic Condensate Drain

  • Competitive compact zero air-loss draining solution.
  • Capacitive level sensing technology saves air, energy and money.
  • Rapid pay-back period due to competitive pricing level and reduced stocking costs.
  • 1 model covers up to 3000 scfm compressor capacity.
  • No sizing charts required.
  • Special module color available for private label branding purposes.
  • Operating pressure up to 230 psi.

Technical Advantages:

  • Alarm function (NO or NC) as a standard.
  • Successful draining of condensate due to large orifice (also heavily emulsified condensate).
  • Easy installation.
  • Visual display of operating status.
  • Integrated strainer.
  • Direct acting valve assembly, ensuring reliable discharge operation.
  • Robust aluminum housing.


Maximum Compressor Capacity3000 scfm
Min./Max. System Pressure0 psi / 230 psi
Valve Type2/2 way, direct acting
Valve Orifice4.5 mm
Valve SealsFPM
Inlet Connection1/2" NPT
Outlet Connection1/4" NPT
Inlet Height4.49” (top) and .59” & 2.95” (side)
Minimum Medium Temperature34°F
Maximum Medium Temperature122°F
Supply Voltage Options230VAC / 115VAC 24VAC / 24VDC
ConnectorsDIN 43650-B
Serviceable ValveYes
TEST FeatureYes
Environmental ProtectionIP65 (NEMA4)
Integrated Mesh StrainerYes
Alarm Contact OptionsAlarm Normally Closed (NC ) / Alarm Normally Open (NO)

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