Pneumatically Operated Automatic Condensate Drain

Air compressors regularly produce condensate water due to the compression process. Proper removal of this moisture, prior to entering the plant air system, is essential in preventing costly damage to dryers, air tools, gauges and other critical components. The fully automatic, zero air loss Pneumatically Operated Automatic Condensate Drain (POD) is designed to handle a large discharge making this drain suitable for all air compressor capacities.

The POD is designed to remove up to 800 Gallons of condensate from compressed air systems per hour. This condensate drain uses a maximum 230 PSI compressed air from its power source to operate. The operation is automatic and there is no compressed air lost during the condensate discharge cycle. The POD will save compressed air and electricity costs.

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Commercial Benefits:Pneumatically Operated Automatic Condensate Drain

  • Condensate discharge without unnecessary air loss.
  • No electricity required to operate the drain.
  • Pneumatically operated.
  • Condensate discharge of any type of compressed air system.
  • Operating pressure up to 230 PSI.
  • Robust aluminum housing.

Technical Advantages:

  • Simple installation.
  • No control air line required!
  • Top and side inlets available.
  • TEST feature
  • Heater Option


POD 1800POD 4500
Maximum Compressor Capacity1800 CFM4589 CFM
Inlet/Outlet Connection1/2” inlet and 3/8” outlet3/4" inlet and 1/2” outlet
Valve Orifice 1/2”4.0 mm7.0 mm
Minimum/Maximum System Pressure2 PSI/230 PSI (depending on selected model)2 PSI/230 PSI (depending on selected model)
Minimum Medium Temperature34°F34°F
Maximum Medium Temperature122°F122°F
Serviceable ValveYesYes
Valve SealsViton (FPM)Viton (FPM)
Housing MaterialAluminiumAluminium

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