MAG-11 Filter Automatic Condensate Drain

The MAG-11 Filter Automatic Condensate Drain is designed to remove condensate from compressed air filters up to any size, type or manufacturer. Condensate drain valves remove harmful condensate, preventing its harmful effects on compressed air equipment which causes downtime and maintenance. The MAG-11 uses internal magnetic forces as its power source, making it ideally suited for applications where power is either not available, desired or reliable.

The operation is automatic and there is zero air loss during the condensate discharge cycle. Designed to handle up to 230 PSI with durable viton seals, ISC has the perfect condensate drain for your compressed air system.

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Commercial Benefits:MAG-11 Filter Automatic Condensate Drain

  • Competitive true ‘green’ solution suitable for all compressed air filters.
  • Level sensed magnetic technology saves air, energy and money!
  • Does not require electricity.
  • No operating cost.
  • Successful draining of condensate due to large orifice.
  • Low stocking cost advantages for you.
  • Low purchase threshold for your customers.
  • CE approved.
  • Service kits available.
  • Various housing colors available to match your filter housing.

Technical Advantages:

  • Robust industrial corrosion proof housing.
  • Incredibly simple to install and to service.
  • No need to unthread the MAGY for routine maintenance.
  • Direct acting valve, for a reliable discharge.
  • FPM valve seal and a large 2 mm orifice with stainless steel valve operating parts.
  • Operating pressure 0 to 16 bar.


Maximum Filter CapacityUnlimited
Inlet Connection and Height1/2"
Outlet Connection1/8"
Minimum System Pressure0 PSI
Maximum System Pressure230 PSI
Minimum Medium Temperature35°F
Maximum Medium TemperatureDirect acting valve assembly
Valve SealsViton (FPM)
Housing MaterialCorrosion resistant Aluminium

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