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TEC-11 Timer Controlled Condensate Drain – 230 to 300 psi

The TEC-11 Timer Controlled Condensate Drain unit consists of a solid-state timer coupled with a solenoid valve and only requires a simple installation to begin showing the return on investment. The unit is designed exclusively for all compressed air filters, regardless of their capacity or size. With a durable in-line design this condensate drain allows for easy mounting under filters.

A serviceable valve construction offers savings on maintenance costs. These zero air loss automatic timer condensate drains are perfect for any compressed air system. Click the "Request FREE Quote" button or contact a specialist at ISC Sales today to discuss which condensate drain will work best for your application.

Download - TEC-11 Timer Controlled Condensate Drain Brochure
Download - TEC-11 Timer Controlled Condensate Drain Installation

Commercial Benefits:

TEC-11 Timer Controlled Condensate Drain – 230 to 300 psi

  • Does not air-lock during operation
  • Suitable for compressed air filters up to any size
  • Suitable for all types of compressors
  • Clever in-line design
  • TEST (micro-switch) feature

Technical Advantages:

  • Fixed ON cycle and an adjustable OFF cycle
  • Medium pressure up to 230 PSI standard, 300 psi optional
  • Connection sizes 1/8″ and 1/4″
  • Incredibly compact design


Maximum Filter CapacityUnlimited
Valve Connection Options1/8″ and 1/4″ NPT
Minimum System Pressure0 PSI
Maximum System Pressure230 PSI Standard, 300 PSI Optional
Minimum Medium Temperature34°F
Maximum Medium Temperature130°F
Valve Orifice2 mm
Type of Operating ValveDirect acting valve
Valve SealsFPM (Viton)
Installation EnclosureIP65/NEMA 4
Voltage Range Options24 to 230VAC/DC 50/60 Hz
Time Cycle Range (ON – OFF)2 seconds – 1/120 minutes

Available Models

ModelValve In/Valve Out (NPT Female)Working Pressure (max)Orifice SizeTime Working Voltage
10001/8 Inch230 psi2.0 mm230 VAC
10201/8 Inch230 psi2.0 mm115 VAC
10601/8 Inch230 psi2.0 mm24 VAC
10801/8 Inch230 psi2.0 mm24 VDC
10031/4 Inch230 psi2.0 mm230 VAC
10231/4 Inch230 psi2.0 mm115 VAC
10631/4 Inch230 psi2.0 mm24 VAC
10831/4 Inch230 psi1.8 mm24 VDC
11001/8 Inch230 psi1.8 mm230 VAC
11201/8 Inch300 psi1.8 mm115 VAC
11601/8 Inch300 psi1.8 mm24 VAC
11801/8 Inch300 psi1.8 mm24 VDC
11031/4 Inch300 psi1.8 mm230 VAC
11231/4 Inch300 psi1.8 mm115 VAC
11631/4 Inch300 psi1.8 mm24 VAC
11831/4 Inch300 psi1.8 mm24 VDC

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