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Compressed air atomizing spray nozzles provide ultra-fine droplet sized sprays for evaporative cooling, moisturization, atomization and humidification. Powered by compressed air, these liquid atomizing devices create micron and sub-micron sized spray droplets, with greater surface coverage than conventional nozzles. With the more efficient use of liquid, Sprayvectors accelerate air-liquid interaction.

The Transvector amplification principle of the nozzle design is the basis for the Sprayvector’s effective atomizing capability. Atomizing Spray Nozzles atomize liquids externally when a small amount of liquid is discharged into a stream of amplified compressed air moving at sonic velocity. The liquid is sheared by this high-speed airstream into fine droplets as entrainment of large volumes of additional surrounding air occurs. The precise and powerful airflow results in a dense and very controllable spray of micron and submicron sized droplets.

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Sprayvector’s compressed air atomizing spray nozzles introduce 2-20 PSI filtered liquids through a 1/4” NPT port. They can spray liquids with viscosities up to 1100 CPS. Large internal passages eliminate clogging. They are designed to operate at precise adjustable flow rates from 6-30 GPH.  External mixing of fluids and compressed air permits delivery of either a dense high-velocity spray or a diffused low-velocity spray using dry compressed air up to 100 PSI and airflows of only 12 SCFM to produce droplet sizes of 20-200 microns.


  • Controlled, ultra-fine droplet size
  • Removable and interchangeable nozzle tips for easy cleaning or replacement
  • Wide viscosity range: 1 to 1100 CPS
  • Delivers a wide range of liquid flows
  • Precise adjustability and delivery
  • No clogging problems
  • No electricity
  • Quiet — inexpensive
  • Allows low-pressure liquid supply (2-20 PSIG)


  • Sanitizing or Deodorizing
  • Atomizing
  • Moisturization
  • Pressure Spray Cleaning
  • Wetting
  • Spray Application
  • Dust Suppression
  • Humidification
  • Lubrication
  • Mist Coating


ModelSpray PatternDroplet SizeSuggested Applications
1703Fogging20-60 micronsMoisturizing, coating, evaporative cooling, dust suppression
1713Atomizing60-200 micronsWashing, applying lubrication
1707Humidifying20-200 micronsMist coating, moisturizing, evaporative cooling, spray drying

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