Eliminizer Filter Dryer

Eliminizer Filter/Dryer

Protect compressed air equipment from dirt, water and oil contamination with an Eliminzer Filter. They are designed to produce clean, dry air by eliminating water condensate and dirt particulates and they feature a specially patented inverse flow separation process that prevents the re-entrance of contaminants.

Water & Dirt Compressed Air Filter

Any equipment using an air compressor is at major risk of being damaged by dirt, water and oil contamination. ISC’s line of compressed air filters are designed to produce clean, dry air for a wide variety of applications. The Eliminizer Filter, high-efficiency line of separators, eliminates both water condensates and dirt particulates in the mainline at 99.9% efficiency at 1.0 microns.

Designed with a patented inverse flow separation process which creates a condition where air is spun rapidly, preventing the re-entrance of contaminants. With a wide range of port sizes, filtration capacities and flow rates ISC Sales is guaranteed to have the perfect air filter for your application.

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