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Compressed Air Amplifiers

Compressed Air Amplifiers (or Round Transvectors) use a small amount of filtered compressed air to deliver a large airflow for a wide range of conveying, ventilation, drying and cooling applications. The high-flow, bladeless blowers don’t require machine guards and are especially useful for removing metal chips and scrap, ventilating fumes or smoke and conveying small parts, pellets, powders and dust.

As a vacuum or blow off device these compressed air amplifiers are more compact and less expensive than variable-speed blowers and fans, and can provide instant on/off performance. Round air amplifiers are easily mounted, and with no moving parts to wear out or break, are virtually maintenance-free. Available in several sizes, in both aluminum and stainless steel, and can deliver flow rates from 32 to 2300 SCFM.

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  • Instant on/off – no moving parts
  • Airflow and output easily adjusted
  • No guards or safety hazards
  • Quiet — meets OSHA noise requirements
  • Easily mounted, ducted and moved
  • Outperforms Venturis and other ejectors
  • No electricity, explosion hazard or RF interference

Significantly smaller and less expensive than variable-speed blowers or fans

In ducted applications, Round Transvectors can be used to transport metal chips and shavings, sawdust, powders, grains, small parts, and almost any material that can be conveyed in a flow of air. Simply calculate the total flow you will require and specify a model that will meet that requirement. A pressure regulator can be used to control the flow rate of material, or shims of various thicknesses are available to also modify air flows.

Stainless steel models are ideal for applications where purity, corrosion, abrasion or heat is a concern.

Stainless steel versions are fully adjustable simply by rotating the barrel of the outlet. A shoulder on each end of the air amplifier will allow for mounting and clamping hose or tubing. As a ventilating device, Round Transvectors are highly effective in drawing off welding and machining smoke, engine exhaust and other pollutants, as well as purging tanks and confined spaces of explosive or toxic fumes.

More Compact and Less Expensive than Variable Speed Blowers or Fans

In unducted applications, air amplifiers deliver amplification ratios of 60:1, creating a powerful and concentrated flow of air for cooling or drying from a relatively small account of compressed air. Unlike motor-driven fans and blowers, Transvectors have instant on/off cycling capability for equipment and applications requiring intermittent vacuum, blow-off or conveying.

We incorporate the proven amplification principle in our nozzle and jet designs. When compressed air enters the nozzle or jet, it fills a chamber with only one exit path – a .002” annular orifice. As air passes through this orifice, it accelerates to 1000 feet per second and entrains free surrounding air as it exits. The result is airflow volume up to 25 times more than the compressed air supplied.


ModelThroat DiameterAir ConsumptionAmplificationDucted OutputSpec Sheet
901XSS0.39"895:145 SCFMPDF
902/902XSS0.79"151812:1204 SCFMPDF
903/903XSS1.57"212519:1475 SCFMPDF
9043.00"587120:11420 SCFMPDF

Mounting Adaptors

ModelInline Mounting Adaptors
996Reducer for Model #902 (Aluminum Body) 1 3/4” x 1.25”
997Reducer for Model #903 (Aluminum Body) 2 3/4” x 2.00”

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