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R4 Direct Expansion Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

Direct Expansion Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers
Nano R4 direct expansion refrigerated compressed air dryers allow customers running a consistent volume of compressed air the ability to achieve excellent dew point performance and save energy.

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  • Patented large surface area heat exchanger boasts corrosion-resistant construction and integrated moisture separator
  • Simple to use a digital microprocessor
  • Powder coated aluminum panels are corrosion resistant
  • TXV ensures stable dew point performance even in changing ambient conditions
  • Environmentally friendly R134a or R407C refrigerants.
  • Timed solenoid
  • Small footprint and lightweight

Specifications & Operating Parameters

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Design operating pressure range0 to 232 psig or 0 to 189 psig depending on model
Maximum inlet temperature 158°F
Maximum ambient temperature 110°F - 122°F depending on refrigerant
Modelinlet & outletSCFMNm3/hAbsorbed Power kWLength (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Weight (lbs)power supply
NDX 0015½"15240.2215181755115/1
NDX 0020½"20320.2315181762115/1
NDX 0030½"30480.2415181770115/1
NDX 0045½"45720.2515181777115/1
NDX 0055¾"55880.4715201984115/1
NDX 0085¾"851360.4915201992115/1
NDX 01101"1101770.89162926143115/1
NDX 01351"1352170.92162926143115/1
NDX 01751½"1752810.96162926152115/1
NDX 02151½"2153451.02163430196230/1
NDX 02501½"2504011.07163430222230/1
NDX 03402"3405461.47184735253230/1, 460/3, and 575/3
NDX 04702"4707542.50184735297460/3 and 575/3
NDX 05502½"5508832.60184735319460/3 and 575/3
NDX 07252½"72511643.46184735397460/3 and 575/3
NDX 09502½"95015253.60234740712460/3 and 575/3
NDX 11503"115018465.04234740771460/3 and 575/3
NDX 13503"135021676.54234740882460/3 and 575/3
NDX 17504" Flg175028096.984073641433460/3 and 575/3
NDX 20004" Flg200032107.204073641480460/3 and 575/3
NDX 25006" Flg2500401313.084073641808460/3 and 575/3
NDX 35008" Flg3500561814.4047102753086460/3 and 575/3
NDX 475010" Flg4750762426.1647102754078460/3 and 575/3

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