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Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air DryerMade-In-USA

Air Dryers remove water from compressed air systems by passing it through a desiccant that absorbs moisture. The air dryers automatically deliver a standard -40F pressure dewpoint. They can optionally attain dewpoint’s as low as -100F. The systems are easily maintainable and are extremely reliable for both dewpoint suppression and mechanical reliability.

When you use a compressed air dryer to prevent moisture in a compressed air system, you can avoid problems like equipment corrosion and frozen outdoor compressor air lines. ISC sales carries both heatless and externally heated regenerative dryers. For more information click the "Get a Quote" button or contact a specialist for more information.

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The GPS series of industrial duty heatless (pressure swing) regenerative compressed air dryers have a capacity range from 25 to 3000 SCFM.

This series also features an adjustable electronic control system, high duty cycle process valves, and adjustable purge flow. With a 2 year warranty, this economic system works best with moderate air volume. 


DownloadGPS Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer Brochure


  • Air operated high flow inlet & purge valves
  • Heavy duty high flow check valves
  • Digital process controller
  • All welded stainless steel flow diffuser
  • Wide variety of additional options
  • NEMA 12 Electrical
  • OSHA Approved Mufflers

Available Models

Model Capacity SCFM*VoltageDesiccant WeightShipping WeightIn/Out ConnectionsLengthHeightDepth
GPS-25-116120-1-60252171/2” NPT103147
GPS-35-116120-1-60352231/2” NPT103147
GPS-50-116120-1-60503533/4” NPT104941
GPS-75-116120-1-60755091” NPT126548
GPS-100-116120-1-601005391” NPT126548
GPS-125-116120-1-601255651” NPT126548
GPS-175-116120-1-6017567411/2” NPT166752
GPS-250-116120-1-6025072411/2” NPT176653
GPS-350-116120-1-60350118011/2” NPT206854
GPS-500-116120-1-6050012732” NPT237968
GPS-650-116120-1-6065014962” NPT258568
GPS-800-116120-1-6080024103” NPT297768
GPS-1000-116120-1-60100025903” NPT298668
GPS-1250-116120-1-60125029473” NPT398078
GPS-1400-116120-1-60140033703” NPT398078
GPS-1600-116120-1-60160039704” FLG399990
GPS-1800-116120-1-60180046354” FLG3910490
GPS-2000-116120-1-60200049204” FLG3911190
GPS-2250-116120-1-60225054434” FLG4410994
GPS-2500-116120-1-60250058106” FLG51115120
GPS-2750-116120-1-60275064236” FLG51119120
GPS-3000-116120-1-60300069506” FLG51124120

1. Model reflects capacity @ 100PSIG, 100°F & -40°F PDP.
2. Dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice.
3. All dimensions are in inches and all weights are in pounds.
4. Initial desiccant charge included. Models above 250 SCFM require field charging.
5. Shipping weight includes the initial desiccant charge and crating material.
6. Maximum operating pressure 150 PSIG as standard. Optional pressures are available.

The GEH is a full line of industrial duty, externally heated regenerative compressed air dryers, with capacities of 100 to 25,000 SCFM. This line's ability to reduce compressed air consumption during regeneration makes it a cornerstone for any compressed air system. The system requires only a 7% purge rate, half of a heatless dryer. 


DownloadGEH Externally Heated Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer Brochure


  • NEMA 12 electrical
  • OSHA approved mufflers
  • Digital controller
  • ASME/CRN vessels
  • Adjustable purge flow
  • Additional options avaliable

Available Models

Model Capacity SCFM*Voltage @ 60 cycleDesiccant WeightShipping WeightIn/Out ConnectionsLengthHeightDepth
GEH-100-*16460/230-1Æ140 lbs.8401” NPT156361
GEH-125-*16460/230-1Æ175 lbs.8901” NPT176463
GEH-175-*16460/230-1Æ245 lbs.107511/2” NPT196567
GEH-250-*36460/230-3Æ350 lbs.132511/2” NPT216870
GEH-350-*36460/230-3Æ490 lbs.148511/2” NPT237371
GEH-500-*36460/230-3Æ700 lbs.17752” NPT278575
GEH-650-*36460/230-3Æ910 lbs.19852” NPT307581
GEH-800-*36460/230-3Æ1120 lbs.22853” NPT328683
GEH-1000-*36460/230-3Æ1400 lbs.29623” NPT388085
GEH-1250-*36460/230-3Æ1750 lbs.38503” NPT389695
GEH-1400-*36460/230-3Æ1960 lbs.43123” NPT3810185
GEH-1600-*36460/230-3Æ2240 lbs.49284” FLG5210990
GEH-1800-*36460/230-3Æ2520 lbs.55984” FLG5210999
GEH-2000-*36460/230-3Æ2800 lbs.62204” FLG5210999
GEH-2250-*36460/230-3Æ3150 lbs.69954” FLG57105111
GEH-2500-*36460/230-3Æ3500 lbs.78106” FLG57105111
GEH-2750-*36460/230-3Æ3850 lbs.85806” FLG53126127
GEH-3000-*36460/230-3Æ4200 lbs.89906” FLG53129127
GEH-3500-*36460/230-3Æ3850 lbs.101606” FLG53126127
GEH-4000-*36460/230-3Æ4200 lbs.109456” FLG53129127

1. Model reflects capacity @ 100PSIG, 100°F & -40°F PDP. See capacity correction table for other rated capacities.
2. All dimensions are in inches and all weights are in pounds.
3. Initial desiccant charge included. Models above 250 SCFM require field charging.
4. Shipping weight includes the initial desiccant charge and crating material.
5. Maximum operating pressure 150 PSIG as standard. Optional pressures are available.
6. Steam heated models are available as an option, consult factory for details.
7. *refers to missing voltage designation.


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