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Bulk Desiccant for Compressed Air Dryers

Bulk DesiccantBulk desiccants remove moisture in air-drying systems for a variety of applications. Desiccants induce dryness in any environment and can reduce the amount of moisture present in air, making them an extremely popular addition for compressed air systems to protect downstream equipment.

There are various moisture control products, so it is important to pick the right desiccant. ISC offers a wide variety of humidity/moisture control desiccant in various sizes. Click the get a quote button to have an application specialist tell you more.

AAD-14-50Activated Alumina Desiccant1/4 (50 lb bag)
AAD-18-50Activated Alumina Desiccant1/8 (50 lb bag)
AAD-316-50Activated Alumina Desiccant3/16 (50 lb bag)
AAD-316-5Activated Alumina Desiccant3/16 (5 lb can)
DD-ST-50PDeliquescent Desiccant (Salt Tablets)Tables (50 lb pail)
DD-ST-50BDeliquescent Desiccant (Salt Tablets)Tablets (50 lb bag)
SGD-CC-5Silica Gel DesiccantColor Change 5 lb can
SGD-TA-55Silica Gel DesiccantType-A Beaded 55 lb
SGD-TA-330Silica Gel DesiccantType-A Beaded 330 lb
SGD-SW-48Silica Gel DesiccantSorbead WS 48 lb
AC-EP-55Activated CarbonExtruded Pellet 55 lb
CBS-CB-86Ceramic Bed SupportCeramic Ball 86 lb

Activated Alumina Desiccant

Activated alumina is a high surface area, highly porous form of aluminum oxide. It can adsorb gases and liquids without changing its form. It works as a desiccant through adsorption. As air passes through the alumina, the water in the air sticks it and becomes trapped and air that passes through an activated alumina filter is dried out.

  • Available in three popular sizes: 1/4, 1/8, 3/16
  • 3/16 size available in 50 lb. Bag or 5 lb. Can
  • 1/8 and 1/4 size available in 50 lb. Bag

Deliquescent Desiccant (Salt Tablets)

To deliquesce means to dissolve, and desiccant is a term for any drying agent with water attracting properties. So a deliquescent desiccant is, literally, a drying agent that dissolves. When exposed to water vapor (humidity) in a saturated gas stream, the tablets absorb vapor from the gas, and the tablets themselves gradually dissolve into a solution.

  • Available in tablets and in either a 50 lb. pail or 50 lb. bag.

Silica Gel Desiccant

Silica gel is tough and hard, with a high surface area it adsorbs water readily, making it an excellent drying agent.

  • Color Change Silica Gel available in either 3×8 size or 5 lb cans
  • Type-A Beaded available in a 3×8 size and either 55 lb or 330 lb drum
  • Sorbead WS is available in a 9/64 size or 48 lb bag

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon has long been used in military gas masks. They are an excellent adsorbent because of their vast surface areas to separate gases and liquids .

  • Extruded Pellet Form available in a 5/32 size or 55 lb bag

Ceramic Bed Support

Ceramic desiccant has a highly porous surface that enables the balls to absorb water from the air and filter various compounds out of water. It is widely used as an absorption and drying agent.

  • Ceramic Ball available in a 1/4 size or 86 lb. box

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