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Schulz Oil-Free Air Compressor

When contaminant-free air is critical to your application, an oil-free air compressor can promote better air quality and safety than traditional air compressors. When combined with low maintenance requirements and not having to change or dispose of oil it’s easy to see how the benefits can outweigh the costs.

Developed especially for the medical and odontological applications, the Schulz line of oil-free compressors have internal antibacterial painting and comply with international safety rules. 

We offer a wide range of oil-free air compressors, used in a variety of industrial applications to give you the peace of mind that comes with high-quality compressed air. Click the "Request FREE Quote" button or contact a specialist at ISC Sales today to discuss which Schulz air compressor will work best for your application. 

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  • Dental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Light Industrial
  • R&D Laboratories
  • Hospitals

Features:Oil Free Air Compressor

When you choose an oil-free air compressor from ISC, you get a clean, reliable and cost-efficient air supply that can be used at any time. 

  • Swedish Steel Valves
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced product liability
  • Low noise levels
  • ASME air receivers

Available Models

ModelCodeMotor hp / phase / voltDisplacement CFMASME Tank gallons / typeNet WeightDecibels
MSV 6/08931.1208-01 / single / 11068 / horizontal93 lbs78 dB
CSD 9/08931.1312-01.5 / single / 11098 / horizontal93 lbs78 dB
MSV 12/30930.8033-02 / single / 2301230 / horizontal212 lbs85 dB
CSV 15/60932.3384-03 / single / 2301560 / vertical440 lbs86 dB
CSV 15/66932.3385-03 / single / 2301566 / horizontal447 lbs86 dB
CSW 60/120934.7454-015 / three / 208-230/46060120 / horizontal470 lbs90.4 dB

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