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Commercial Heaters For Warehouse

No one likes to be cold. Especially not in their workplace, even machinery doesn’t appreciate operating in freezing conditions of cold winter months.

By adding supplemental warehouse heaters you can keep your equipment running smoothly and ensure the comfort and health of your employees. The first thing you need to know is how much heat is necessary to maintain comfort levels in your warehouse or

1. Warehouse Heating Calculator
2. Warehouse Electric Heaters

3. Warehouse Infrared Heaters

4. Hazardous Location Heaters

1. Warehouse Heating Calculator

Although there are several aspects to take into consideration such as the number of times a door closes or opens in your warehouse, or if the building is well insulated, there is a general rule of thumb you can use to determine which heater size you’ll need.

You need about 10 watts of heating power for every square foot of the area you’re trying to heat.
So, if you have a 2,345 foot room you’ll want a heater that has 234.5 watts, or about 800 BTU/h.
1 watt is equal to 3.412141633 BTU/h.

Now that you know how much heat you need let’s look at some solutions and their features.

2. Warehouse Electric Heaters

Warehouse electric heaters are an economical and simple solution to combat the cold inside your facility.

There are a range of heater types and heating capacities. From radiant heating to Salamander heaters, we’ve got an option that will keep your employees warm and production processes running smoothly.

To make finding and buying the correct heater as simple as possible, we’ve listed and compared our heating products for you.

See something you like, or have some questions about a heater’s capacity?
Go ahead and give a heating specialist at ISC Sales a call. They can get you set up with the perfect heater or answer any of your toughest questions.

Wall Convectors

Wall convectors are awesome at heating work areas in commercial and institutional settings where there are large spans of windows.

They specialize in counteracting cold downdrafts and minimizing condensation.

These heaters are only available for fixed placement.

8800 Series Institutional8800 Series Institutional Wall Convectors500 – 2,002120 – 6001,706 – 6,8260.833 – 16.667
8500 Series Commercial8500 Series Wall Convector100 – 250120 – 277341 – 85325 – 40
4100 Series Recessed4100 Series Recessed Commercial Wall Convector187 – 750208 – 277638 – 2,559N/A

Electric Forced Air Heaters

Electric forced air heaters use forced convection to heat warehouses and large facilities, but they won’t force you out of a lot of money. These heaters have huge heating capacity compared to the initial investment cost.

They are equipped with fans that quickly carry heat throughout a work space.

They are available in many different capacities, sizes and variations.

UH Series
UH Series Forced Air Heater3,284 – 48,0353,284 – 48,03511,200 –163,8004 – 120.2
6300 Series
Multiple Angle
6300 Series Multiple Angle Cabinet Unit Heater3,002 – 10,008208 – 48010,239 – 34,1304.6 – 43.6
5700 Series
Confined Space Plenum Rated
5700 Series Plenum Rated Heater1,876 – 5,004208 – 4806,396 – 17,0656 – 21
5500 Series
5500 Series Washdown Fan Forced Unit Heater3,284 – 48,042208 – 48011,200 – 163,8244 – 83.4
2600 Series
Downflow Unit
2600 Series Downflow Unit Heater5,004 – 50,044208 – 48017,065 – 170,6506.02 – 138.96

Salamander Electric Heater and other Portable Heaters

Have the heat go where you go! Salamander heaters and portable heaters are a great option for applications that need mobile heating.

These heaters are the best option for use in indoor and outdoor applications in commercial or industrial settings where additional heat is needed on demand in different areas of the facility.

Options are available to fit any need. (More options available in radiant heating and hazardous location heating).

Salamander HeaterPortable Heaters9,008 – 45,040240 – 60030,717 – 153,58518 – 54.2
WFHEWFHE Portable Electric Heater9,883 – 29,721240 – 48033,700 – 101,35023.97 – 35.92
WHP – 400WPH-400 Portable Heat Pump4,927 – 5,42511516,800 – 18,50015

3. Warehouse Infrared Heaters

Radiant heaters use radiation to heat. Don’t worry, it’s not the kind that will make you grow a third eye ball – think more like how the sun heats the Earth.

This means they can heat materials fast and bring them to operating temperatures fast, making them a great option for commercial and industrial applications.

They do not use any fans and have no moving parts which means quiet operation.

They are energy savers, equipped with a reflective surface that prevents energy loss.

You can purchase a radiant heater as a fixed ceiling mount or as a portable heater.

Portable Infrared Heaters

FSP SeriesFSP Series Portable Infrared Heaters3,150 – 9,500208 – 60010,749 – 32,41415.4 – 16.52
CH SeriesCH Series Portable Infrared Heater2,002/1,001
HP SeriesPortable Infrared / Radiant Heaters4,800 – 11,20024016,378 – 38,21620 – 26.7

Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heaters

FSA SeriesFSA-95 Architectural Ceiling Radiant Heater1,450 – 9,500120 – 6004,957 – 32,4142.52 – 45.67
FSS Series1,450 – 9,500120 – 6004,957 – 32,4142.52 – 45.67
OCH SeriesOCH Series Ceiling Radiant Heater3,000 – 15,000120 – 4805,120 – 10,2394.7 – 14.4
RPH SeriesRPH Series Ceiling Radiant Heater1600208 – 2405,4616.7 – 7.7
TH and THSS SeriesCommercial Heaters3,203 – 10,960208 – 48010,922 – 37,372N/A
FFH SeriesFFH Series Indoor Ceiling Radinat / Infrared Heaters550 – 9001201,877 – 3,0725-8

4. Hazardous Location Heaters

Hazardous location heaters are specifically made for environments where there are potentially flammable or explosive materials. So, if you want heat in a dicey environment but would prefer not to blow the place up, these are the heaters for you.

They come in different models and orientations, including portable explosion-proof electric heaters.

No matter the application, there will always be a viable heating option.

FEP Series
Wall Convector
FEP Series Single Phase Hazardous Location Wall Convector800 – 7,600120 – 6002,730 – 25,9381.7 – 36.5
HLA Series
Fan Forced
HLA Series Hazardous Location Fan Forced Unit Heater3,006 – 25,044208 – 60010,250 – 85,4004.3 – 43.5
Portable Heaters
for Hazardous Locations
Hazardous Location Portable Heaters3,006 – 25,044208 – 60010,250 – 85,4003.5 – 44

There is no shortage of options when it comes to warehouse heating and if you still need some helping deciding on which heating solution will work best for you give us a call.

We’d love to help you keep your employees and sensitive industrial equipment comfortable.

Happy heating, we hope you and your employees stay toasty!

Commercial Heaters For Warehouse
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Commercial Heaters For Warehouse
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