Portable Liquid Filtration Carts are self-contained turnkey units that provide versatile, reliable filtration for almost any fluid, wherever you need it. Easily movable from machine to machine, holding tank to reservoir, and drum to tank, these two wheel hand truck systems effectively control particulate problems before they cause damage to critical production equipment. ISC is pleased

Air Dryers

Air quality has a significant impact on every component in a compressed air system. Properly treated compressed air will improve productivity, system efficiency and product quality. Acompressed air dryer is a device that removes water vapor from compressed air. Excessive water in compressed air, in either the liquid or vapor phase, can cause a variety

3 Tools for Spot Cooling

Spot Coolers are units that can be positioned strategically to cool “hot spots.” Most often used for cooling of metal parts, in the machining and repair of metals, plastics, wood, ceramics and other materials. Cold air machining outperforms mist coolants and substantially increases tool life and feed rates on dry machining operations. There are 3 main tools
Personal Air Conditioners maximize productivity, improves worker safety, and eliminates the need for frequent, non-productive breaks. By delivering air at up to +/- 45-60°F, personal air conditioners keep your employees safe and comfortable in times of intense heat or cold stress. ISC offers two types of personal air conditioning (PAC) vests: the Dual Action PAC,