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California Rolling Blackouts, Plus A Guide to Power Generators and CARB Regulations

The rolling blackouts currently occurring in California are not the result of a power shortage. Instead, these scheduled power outages are intended to protect against wildfires that have ravaged this coastal state and have destroyed more than 189 buildings already this year. According to statistics compiled by the Insurance Information Institute, over 76,000 acres have […]

Natural Disaster Planning for Businesses

Making sure your business is prepared for hurricane season and other natural disasters will ensure the best possible protection for your staff members and your property during these dangerous storms. According to statistics collected by the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated one-fourth of all businesses do not reopen after a major disaster. […]

Complete Maintenance Guide to Get Your RV Summer Ready (With Printable Checklist)

The weather is warming up, kids are about to be out of school and it’s prime vacation season. Time to break out the recreation vehicle (RV), start researching the best campsites to hook up your rig and plan your next excursion! Whether you are an experienced snowbird or a newbie to RV living, this guide […]

How to Choose the Best Portable Generator

There are only about a million options of portable generators to choose from, but which one is the best? Truth is there isn’t one ultimate, all-purpose generator, better than any other out there. But there is a generator that will be the perfect fit for your unique needs. What your portable generator is being used […]

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