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Beat the Heat – Best Cooling Products [2019]

From air conditioners and AC filters to personal cooling vests, we offer a variety of items that will help keep you cool, comfortable, and safe when temperatures soar. Be prepared this season with these featured products.

Personal Cooling Vests

Keep your cool while on the move with wearable cooling products like these advanced “Coolerz” personal evaporative cooling vests by ERB.

The vest produces a cooling effect by allowing water stored in its fabric to evaporate, while minimizing moisture transfer to the wearer.

How it works: Simply dip the vest in water for 1-2 minutes, and it will stay hydrated for several hours. It can also be re-hydrated as needed using the same process.

HVAC Filters

AC Filters (AKA: Furnace Filters)

If you have an old or under-performing air filter, there’s a good chance that your AC system is actually making your allergies worse! The right air filter can remove gross things like hair, bugs, dust, smoke, and dangerous bacteria.

Air filters should be replaced every 1-3 months. Old filters get clogged and don’t allow air to pass through as efficiently. New, clean filters help ensure your air conditioner is functioning at peak performance and can contribute to lower cooling and electric bills.

Still have questions? Head over to our detailed AC Filter Guide for everything you need to know about air filters.

Delta-T Razor RZ-01A Enclosure Air Conditioner

Enclosure AC (Enclosure Cooling)

When building temperatures rise, don’t forget to cool and protect your business’ sensitive electrical components.

Enclosure ACs regulate the temperature inside of electrical cabinets which helps avoid over-heating and other costly malfunctions. Enclosure air conditioners also do a great job at keeping out contaminants like dust, dirt, and moisture.

Need some help? Check out our Colossal Guide to Enclosure Cooling for more detailed information.

Mobile Fans

Fans / Blowers (Air Circulation)

For some homes and workplaces, it’s just not summer until you’re trying to beat the heat in front of an enormous fan.

From portable blower fans and mister fans to perfectly-sized desk fans, ISC has you covered. Keep the air moving and find the right fan for your application today.

Air Conditioning Units

Nothing offers that sweet relief from the heat like modern air conditioning.

Bring back the comfort of cooler, dryer air with fixed air conditioners available in various sizes for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Need something more flexible? We offer a selection of portable air conditioners too!

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